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Paint with Marbles

This project is rated EASY to do.

What You Need

How To Make It

  1. Spread the newspaper out to cover your work area. (This is also a great "outdoor" activity!) Put on your smock or painting shirt to protect your clothes.
  2. Put the different colors of tempera paint into the sections of the muffin tin or egg carton. If you would like, you can mix a small amount of glitter into the paint.
  3. Tape your paper to the inside of the pan.
  4. Place a marble into each color. Choose your first color, and put that marble into the baking pan. Hold the sides and slowly tilt the pan so that the marble rolls all over the paper.
  5. Wait a few minutes to let that color dry, and then try another. (Sometimes it's more fun to be creating more than one painting at a time, so that there isn't so much "wait time.")

Let them dry. If you would like, you can create one for each family member. Then cover them with Con-Tact paper and use them as placemats.